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Keeper Mooncup Return?!?!

Hi All,

I purchased a Keeper Moon Cup a while back and, well, it didn't work out. I ended up purchasing a Diva that I am really happy with.

One of the reasons I started with the Mooncup was the 90 day return policy.

So,I try and return it. The retailer (goddesspads.com), after calling them 3 times and leaving messages, finally returned my call and said it's the manufacturer's warranty, and that it needs to be returned to them. Lovely.

I call keeper, and speak to a guy (yup, as in a man) and explain the situation. He said to send it back, with a letter explaining, and the reciept if I have it. I told him I didn't purchase it from them, but from a retailer, and he said it was fine. Okay.  Already this seems fishy in the days of computerized everything and return authorization numbers, etc. But I go along with.

Today I get my keeper, my letter, and a note scribbled on an *index card* that says "Sorry, but you must return to the place of purchase."

Now, I certainly can see where the retailer wanted to give me the run around. But, what the hell - I called keeper, said about 6 times that I didn't purchase it from them, and was still told all would be fine.

Has anyone else returned a Keeper Mooncup or Keeper? What did you do? Were you actually able to get a refund?
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