Jezka (neongloss) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Laying down and going upside down

It's my first cycle and second day on the divacup. It's wonderful and everything has been going relatively smoothly! However, my stepsister has got me scared. I was telling her about cups, and then she mentioned something that wrecked the conversation... "What if you do a handstand?" I don't entirely see why you would want to do a handstand KNOWING that you have a cup full of blood that could spill back inside of you if you went upside down, but really.. What if you went on a roller coaster or something with your cup in?

Of course it's going to go back into the cup, but the thought is REALLY creepy! Everytime I lay down, I think, "oh my, the blood is coming out of the cup and going back in.." I have the tendency to lay on my bed with my legs up so that my laptop can rest on them, but I've been trying to avoid doing that because the thought of the blood going back inside is kind of disturbing.

Has anybody else ever been struck by this thought? Do you have anything to say that might help me not get so sickened by this?
Tags: first time use, sports/physical activities

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