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I hate my Keeper Mooncup!  I was super psyched to get it, and now I'm disappointed. 

I have no problem inserting, but once it's in I feel tremendous pressure. I feel nauseous, flushing in my face and scalp, and dizzy.  It causes terrible cramping (which I don't usually have since I'm on birth control) and even back cramping (which, in 18 years of periods, I've never had).  I even feel pressure and pain in my rectum, even though I'm pretty sure it's up high enough.  Also, the stem feels like it's slicing me up, no matter how short it gets.

As soon as I remove it, the discomfort is gone, except for the irritation from the stem.

I've never had a child, so I bought the size B.  Is it possible I'm just the wrong shape and size for the cup?  I can't even reach in with a finger and readjust or snag the rim to release suction for removal.  Instead, I pinch the bottom of the cup and bear down until I can manage to grasp the slippery sucker.

Please help!  I haven't been able to find any info on this problem anywhere.
Tags: keeper moon cup, removal - painful or problems

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