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The PINKCUP post!

Well well well! My 'pinkcup' (made by Ladycup) arrived.

Vital stats

Website: http://www.ladycup.eu/
Manufactured in: Czech republic
International shipping: Yes, but don't know how much it costs
Price direct from seller: €28, or €30 for a 'luxury pack' including two sterilisation tablets and one sachet of lube
Material: Silicone, transparent/pink
The rest of the description (sizes, stem, holes etc) is identical to the original Ladycup as described in this post.

Click for bigger, click again for moar bigger again (approx 700kb).

As you can see, it's kind of clear tinted pink rather than opaque. Annoyingly this is the sort of thing that's hard to get to come out well in photographs, particularly in low light. But after a bit of twiddling with the camera and white card to reflect light, I think these photos are representative.

Front of packaging

Back of packaging


Time to switch to a white background! The two cups side by side, with a 10p coin for scale.

And lying down:

Side by side:

With a normal ladycup for comparison:

My ever growing collection! Apologies for the utter Fail at light levels here.

Tags: coloured lady cups, diagrams & pictures, lady cup
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