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Niomi Panshiko

Lady Cup learning curve

I received my Lady Cup (size small) yesterday evening. I finished my period recently, and with the way my cycle has been going since I had my Implanon inserted I don't expect to be on my period for another two months. (Which I am more happy than sad about, even if it means I don't get to use my cup yet) I was worried that the flexibility of the cup I chose would make it difficult to get it to pop open, but I had very little problem with insertion. In fact, at first it popped open before I got it all the way in. Eventually I got the hang of inserting it so that it wouldn't pop too early. Sometimes I can't get it as high in me as I'd like, but I can deal with it. I'm not sure how high it needs to go, anyway. Mostly I'm trying to fit more of the stem inside me because I'm afraid to clip too much of it off because of my removal problems. If I can get better at removing it, where it sits in me won't be such a big deal. I think my vagina is shaped in such a way that it doesn't allow things to sit high inside it. I never got tampons next to the cervix like they were supposed to be, instead they sat right inside the opening and often poked out and made me uncomfortable.

The thing that is really bothersome is removal. It seems way too slippery in there to get a good grip on the cup to break the suction. It is hard to get my finger between the cup and the vagina without my vaginal walls getting in the way and being pinched. I don't have enough room to put one finger on either side of the cup when it's inside me. When I push on the side of the cup with one finger, the cup is so flexible (which makes it very comfortable) that it just squishes out of the way and fails to break the suction.

I only managed to remove it in a reasonable situation (with one leg on the toilet) once. The only way to reliably remove it is to lay on my stomach and reach around me instead of under. Then, I can tug on the stem (I have to pinch it, it's too slippery for the ridges to do much good) and pull the cup out enough so that I can break the suction with part of the cup outside me. If I don't act fast enough and pull out the cup quickly after the seal is broken, the cup will re-seal and go further up inside, and I will have to do it again.

My vagina is a little sore and dry from having fingers up there pinching and poking it, and the cup popping out. Even a smooth removal is a little uncomfortable because of the rim of the cup is a little wider than the opening of my vagina, but it won't be a big deal when I'm no longer practicing insertion and removal.

Since the suction is so fierce and hard to break my first thought would be that I needed a smaller cup, but it's my understanding that there's no smaller brand available. At least I'm confident I won't have any troubles with leaking, haha. It's possible considering the lightness of my period that I will be able to wait until I can get home and lie on my stomach to remove the cup, although that may be very messy and I'd really like to learn how to remove it properly.

I'd like to get most of this learning curve out of the way so that my period goes as smoothly as possible. If anyone else who's had this problem can share how they got over it, I'd be really grateful. Thanks. :)
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