to_wong_foo (to_wong_foo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

finally an almost conversion!

I've had a very happy cup moment and figured I'd share it with you lovely ladies!

I was talking to a friend of mine who I've known for AGES (since 2nd/3rd grade...we graduated high school last year) and got to talking about our monthlies.  I've told other friends about my cup and cloth pads and they've all reacted in disgust.  But, this friend didn't!  She asked how it worked, what it was made of, how do you clean it, and such then googled it!  I was so excited!  She's worried about the size, but I'm planning to chill with her sometime and she'll definitely be seeing mine if it's not in use!

So far, I've basically gotten my mom to convert (just waiting for a convient time money-wise and she needs to decide which cup) and possibly this friend :D

Just out of curiosity's sake...anyone have any good conversion stories?
Tags: activism

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