hypergurl7 (hypergurl7) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How/why would a cup tip over inside of you?

Hi, I've been doing some research on menstrual cups, trying to find out which one is right for me. Reading this journal and surfing the web has made me convinced, but I have one question: How/why would a cup tip over inside of you? Has this ever happened to you? I was prompted to post after reading "Depending on the cup you use and your particular anatomy, sometimes the entire cup can tip over inside of you-triggers of this can include coughing or exercising the abdominal and pelvic muscles." The foot note reads "not surprisingly, passing a large or constipated bowel movement can cause this as well." @ http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A4481732 . I contacted a menstrual cup manufacturer about this and they said they never heard of this phenonmenon. I believed them, and figured that someone just wrote that to mess with someone, as the article had been edited by someone! Then someone wrote about their cup tipping over in this community, so I'm confused! The article sited its sources, but it didn't tell you where the author got that specific information.  Whatever information you could give me would be extremely helpful and apreciated! 
Thank You!
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