Melissa (princessy) wrote in menstrual_cups,

General "cleaning house"?

Hi, all! I was just going through the memories and tags to find some old posts, and digging through those tags can be a real hassle. I was looking for some specific posts and vote they be added to the memories. One of them is kuradi8's awesome chart that compares all the cups, and the others are scien's posts on the individual cups (like this one). I didn't see them in the memories at all (though I could have missed them -- if so, my apologies!), and I don't have them all bookmarked. The ones listed under community FAQ are now quite old, particularly since new cups have been released since. Those are just a few of the things I find most helpful; I'm sure there are tons others. There's good stuff in the memories, but some of those pictures are now gone, making the posts generally useless if they were picture posts. I'd hunt for them now, except LJ/my connection is being cranky. :(

Any chance someone could helpfully direct me to these entries? :) Many thanks! This community is totally awesome for help, and it would be fabulous for our newer users if looking through memories was made a lot more convenient and current for them.
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