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Hi all! I have a few unrelated things to say.

Firstly, to get this out of the way:

Recently I've noticed and had pointed out to me a surprising number of occasions when people are screening or deleting comments, and deleting whole posts. Please don't do this. This is a community. We are very happy to help out, but it's very bad netiquette to just get what you need and then disappear away with no trace. When you delete a post you're deleting other people's words as well as your own (which isn't fair), and it prevents other people who might have benefitted from being able to read and learn from what was posted (which isn't helpful). I can't stop people from doing this, but I would really rather you didn't. If this is problematic for you, for example if you want stronger anonymity, let me know and we'll sort something out.

And definitely don't do this if you're buying or selling. You will panic people and call your good intentions into question.

Secondly, and much more excitingly! Like purple_obsidian, I too got my Miacup in the post today. It's exactly as she describes - the invoice looks like it's a greeting card in disguise, and the box looks like a jewelry box! Lovely. They are definitely going for the upmarket sort of appeal, it looks like a real indulgence and something you wouldn't have any qualms giving as a gift. I wonder if the other cup companies will follow suit with 'deluxe' packaging type stuff.

Unfortunately I'm pretty busy at the moment, but I will do a post with measurements and pics as I get a chance.

Finally: I recently posted a loong post in my journal about what I've learned from this community about cups and why they're getting popular. Please feel free to take a look and stick your oar in, I'm really interested in any input you guys have about this:
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