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I've been stalking the post office for my Miacup, and it arrived today - Yipee!

I tell you what, I've been impressed with this company!! Not just because their cup is purple ;) Their customer service seems very good, their website (http://www.miacup.com) is very well done and extremely informative.... they donate to charity, and are eco-friendly! and after receiving my sample today, I'm even more extremely impressed with their product & packaging too.  The care they have put into it amazes me.  I figure that a company who puts care into customer service and things like how their products are presented, are actually considering the customer and not just wanting to quickly roll their products off the production line and move onto the next order. IYKWIM.

I've received samples from other companies....Lunette & Diva sent just a cup (no bag), Mooncup sent me one of each size with their instruction booklet & bags, Femmecup sent me the cup with its bag and samples of 2 kinds of packaging, Ladycup sent their cup in its bag with 2 kinds of packaging (and a pink cup is apparently on its way)... (Keeper wouldn't send me anything, but their Aussie distributor sent me one with part of the side hacked off, in its bag with some instructions)..... but Miacup...... well, see for yourself.

This is what I received in the mail (was in a padded post bag)

A box and envelope (both seem to be made of some sort of recycled paper, or the fancy stuff you'd use for wedding invitations). The envelope contained my invoice, with a returns card on the back. What a really good idea! - if you need to return it, your details are on the card. The box was tied with white string with sealing wax with their logo embossed into it, with a little tag saying it was the large size cup.

I've got less nicely presented gifts for my b'day/xmas from family!

I almost didn't want to open it - ok   :)   yes I did want to open it, but I wanted to do so carefully so I didn't ruin the effect.

Once inside, I found a booklet and a stack of business cards (very nice and simple with their logo raised) and leaflets, the cup in its pouch and a little note about how to wash/steralise the cup for its first use.  And a thoughtful touch of a ribbon stuck to the bottom of the box to make it easy to life out the booklet & leaflets!  (pull the ribbon up and everything comes out).

The cup as you can see, is indeed purple (you have no idea how cool I think that is!)  The pouch is amazing!  its a soft matte ("dove"?) grey slightly textured satin with the Miacup logo embroidered onto it, with a deep pinky-red shiny smooth satin lining  (I've folded the bag over at the top to expose the lining).  It feels so thick and luxurious.  I know there will be people who prefer the natural cotton bags some of the other brands use, but the effort that went into to making that, has to be appreciated!  (and because it doesn't have the brand name on it, you could always use it for jewelery or something else, and it's discreet)

Now I imagine that normally you wouldn't get the fancy box, and advertising materials :)  and the pouch may not be standard either.... But they are lovely :) 

I feel old saying this, but the first impression I got from this packaging and everything (including website) is that it's a lovely subtle, almost "grown up" feel (I had the word and now I've forgotten it :))  I love the "trendy" look of the Femmecup website/packaging, making menstrual cups "cool" (and I've always loved the cheery yellow pattern stuff Lunette uses)....but this is sort of opposite, with the lack of bright colours.  Sort of sophisticated really......  I know their aim was to appeal to the more mainstream women (not that I consider myself mainstream at all hehe)...  Though interestingly, the cup itself is the most "out there" colour-wise :)


The colour of the pouch and cup above are pretty much how they are in real life.  There can apparently be a slight difference in the shade from cup to cup, but mine is pretty much exactly like the colour in the photos above and in the drawings on the tech data page on their site http://www.miacup.co.za/eng/how_tech.php (or at least how they display on my monitor)

I've discovered why the photos of the cup on the website are a brighter pink.... my photos when I tried to do closer up pics went bright too - the flash brought out the pink.

Excuse the blurry pics, my camera isn't very good and neither is the lighting.  This shows the cup from side on.  You can see the flat tab stem like Lunette.  Also the holes are quite large (not as large as the ladyCup, but larger than the others), so should be easy to clean.  No measuring lines or writing on the outside at all.  Only markings are the lines around the base for gripping.

This is a little less blurry, again you can see the nice large holes.  It also shows that the silicone has a few speckles of a lighter colour.  They are aware of that though, and I believe they are working on it..... but personally it doesn't bother me at all.

I took a photo of the inside but it was too blurry to be useful, so I'll try taking more pics tomorrow when it's light.  But there are no markings or measurement lines inside, except a small slightly raised miacup logo on the inside rim near the top (where other cups have their name/website).  Which I like.... it's a subtle branding.

As for feel.... I've been sitting here squishing all the cups to see which are softest LOL  Its softer than Femmecup & Keeper, not as soft as Ladycup (which is the softest).... and about the same as (or perhaps a teensy bit softer than) the other cups.

I can't wait to try it.

Pic of all the cups I have for comparison:

From bottom left:  Diva (sm), Femmecup, Keeper (lge), LadyCup (lge), Lunette (lge), Miacup (lge), Mooncup UK (lge).  Yes there is a hole in the Mooncup, its what they do to samples and I forgot to turn it around to hide it.

And another, just for fun:

From Left to right:
(back row) Femmecup, Miacup, Lady Cup, Lunette, Mooncup (UK)
(Front) Diva, Keeper
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