crystal (just_a_spark) wrote in menstrual_cups,

first time with the keeper

hi, everyone! I've been enjoying reading all the posts last week... I went to get a diva cup from the store in town, but they were out of model one, so I ended up getting the keeper instead.

I started my period at work today (oh, great) and was a little nervous about trying to figure it out in the employee bathroom, but all your tips and advice really helped and it was really easy to insert (used the punch-down fold). I felt it pop inside and that surprised me a little, but it didn't hurt. it sat in there pretty high, so I didn't feel the stem at all. I didn't want to cut any off until I was sure of where it would end up sitting.

no leaks so far, I don't feel it at all, and I'm so happy with the keeper. it was a little odd and interesting to see what's coming out of me like that. I had no problems with taking it out, either. it's like I've been doing this forever! I've already inserted and taken it out four times today (first day is heavy) and i've not had a single problem so far. I ended up trimming just a tiny bit off the stem since it started poking out just a little bit. much better now!

we'll see how it does overnight...

the only thing I'm worried about with the keeper is the possibility of a latex allergy... i may end up getting the diva later on and just switch between them or have the keeper as a back up.

but yeah, overall, my first day was fantastic. fuck you, tampons! and fuck you, too, pads!
Tags: keeper, success stories

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