thainwulf (thainwulf) wrote in menstrual_cups,

I love my Divacup!

So, this was my second time around trying a menstrual cup. The first time I couldn't get it in at all without hurting myself, but it appears all I needed was a little stretching, as someone suggested. After my first day of successful use (woo!) I trimmed the stem off completely because it was poking me and now am completely comfortable. I haven't had any problems removing it without the stem.

I absolutely LOVE my cup! No smelly, messy pads leaking onto anything, which means no trash, I only have to empty it a couple times a day, and I can hardly tell it's there! :D AND I went sword fighting all day today (which involves lots of running, being knocked over, and beating people with foam sticks, as I mentioned in my other post) and it stayed sealed, no leaking.

I wanted to thank everyone from the community who gave me advice before and share my Diva happiness with you all. :)
Tags: sports/physical activities, success stories
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