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Menstrual Cup + Iud...the eternal burning question

I know you guys have heard this about 6,000,000 times...and I have heard mixed thoughts about it...

Iud + Menstrual cup = ?????

I have been using the Keeper for about 4-5 yrs now and I had a Paraguard put in in this past April but it came out..I'm not sure if that was from the use of my menstrual cup. I just got a new Paraguard put in a few days ago and I was wondering about possibly switching to a different cup. I hear the Lunette and Lady cup are softer or something than the Keeper/Divacup? Is it easier to break the seal with these cups and get them out without dislodging your IUD? I haven't ever seen a Lunette or Ladycup (besides in pictures) so I can't tell if they are 'softer' or more flexible than the Keepers. I really don't want to give up using a menstrual cup...my period is normally 7-9 days long, and I'm expecting with the IUD it will be even longer and heavier x_x

Thanks a lot!
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