tdh_1 (tdh_1) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My disasterous cup weekend

I'll start out by saying that I am 48 and beginning menopause. I am having my second period in 12 days. This is my 4th cycle using a cup.

My messy story
My DH is working out of town. It's our 29th anniversary weekend so I packed up my Lunette and Insteads and head off to the rented (key word here) studio apartment.

After dinner, I pop in one of the Insteads and we proceed to make love. I'm feeling all safe and confident because Insteads have always worked for me before. Well, I don't know what happened but I literally wiped out the bed (yep, someone elses mattress and mattress pad!) . There was actual splatter! 

Next day, I'm using my Lunette and all is well. Suddenly something doesn't feel quite right. I go to the restroom and check it cup has turned itself upside down. It WAS in correctly and sealed, but now  it's flipped itself over. I re-insert it and again all is well. Later in the day again it doesn't feel right so I check again. This time it was sideways!! It still had blood in it and wasn't even leaking at that point. Somehow, it's flipping over while inside me!!

Just what is the deal here? Why would it flip over not just once but twice? I regulary do kegals and use a gyneflex to tone my pc muscles but maybe I'm just too big for a cup?  Now today, it's riding way, way up high to where I can hardly reach it to get it out. 

What could be the problem?

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