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I'm hoping to get some advice here about my first time using the Diva Cup.

My cycle is almost done and I've given up for now.  With much enthusiasm, I tried using the cup for the first time just five days ago.  Insertion was easy peasy but it just didn't pop open.  I wiggled it, squeezed the tip, tried turning it (it wouldn't turn) and even tried sticking a finger up alongside it to relieve some pressure--all to no avail.  I stopped worrying about it when I came back to my room and learned that it doesn't open all the way for many girls (is this true?).  It comes out of the tight fold position, don't get me wrong, it just doesn't open into an O shape.

So yes, I followed the crappy instructions and the microscopic diagram provided by Diva Cup and inserted the cup so that the stem was level with the opening of my vagina.  Splendid.  I went and sat down, had some lunch, browsed on the computer and about an hour later went to use the bathroom.  It was then that I noticed my cup had slid way up to my cervix.  Diva Cup says not to panic, because the vagina is only "4 to 5 inches long".  Guess how long my finger is?  3 inches.  Squatting and bearing down and using my very sharp fingernails eventually yeilded the silicone monster 10 minutes later.

Being the determined girl that I am, I immediately reinserted it (again, with no troubles).  Again, I put it with the stem level with the opening of my vagina.  Again (this time just a minute later when I was curious enough to check) it was again way up at my cervix.  WTF??  Each time I was slipping it past my pubic bone.  Each time it wasn't popping open.   Each time it was slipping all the way up to my cervix where it was really difficult to get back out again.

Ok, so I tried over the next few days to put it lower.   OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH OUCH.  It was practically hanging out of my vagina when I attempted to put it on or in front of my pubic bone.  I read (I think on the Diva Cup website) that it is NOT supposed to sit behind your pubic bone.  So where the heck is it supposed to go?  When I put it on or in front of my pubic bone, it hurts, and it leaks.  When it's behind, it hides up by my cervix and it's really hard to reach to remove. 

So I came on here and read thread after thread of menstrual cup stories.  I feel more confident with trying again and again, but also horrified to learn that some girls are just perfectly happy with having their cups sit up so high.  How can this thing be more convenient than a pad if I have to painfully shove my hand up to my elbow inside myself just to retrieve it?

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