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I got my small Ladycup yesterday!

I've been using a small Mooncup for over five years and am very happy with it, but I was intrigued by how small and squishy the small LC is, so I gave in and ordered one. I'm 24, sexually active and have a very light flow, so I'm interested to see if I can hold a teeny cup in place, because I don't need the volume. My only issue with the MCUK is that it slows the flow when I pee. I thought by putting less pressure on my urethra the LC might relieve me of that nuisance.

I was surprised by how small it is when I took it out of the pack. Next to my Mooncup it doesn't look tiny, but it's quite a noticeable difference. The silicone doesn't feel noticeably squishier than the MCUK, but because it doesn't have a built-up bit at the base, the cup is more flexible. It has a substantial rim and pops open as easily as the Mooncup.

It's over two weeks before I can try it, but I took three pictures to compare it to the Mooncup, and a video to show how it folds and pops open.

The yellowish cup is a small UK Mooncup, the white one is a small Ladycup.

Quicktime movie (1mb)
Tags: brand comparisons, diagrams & pictures, lady cup, mooncup (uk), popping open
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