Meridae (meridae) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Menstrual cup design?

I was looking at the menstrual cup history pages on the Museum of Menstruation website ( and saw that one of the earliest (sadly unsuccessful and quickly obsolete) menstrual cups actually had a little loop at the bottom rather than a stem. I wonder if a loop would be a viable alternative to a stem and if having something you could kinda loop your finger into a bit would make it easier to get the cup out (I don't have any problems - in fact, my experience with the mooncup has been problem free from my first attempt with it - yes, you can all be jealous now - but I know some women have lots of trouble getting the cup out). Anyone have any opinions, knowledge etc etc to discuss? Just interested.

Picture of the early cup in question is here: (I'm referring to the disposable Tassaway, about the second cup down I think.
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