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Niomi Panshiko

Cup shopping

I've been reading through this community and it seems like you get this question a lot so I'm sorry to be repetitive. But this is a bit of a steep purchase for me, so I'd like some recommendations and some encouragement. I've wanted a cup for years, but since Dad was buying the tampons and I would have to buy the cup I didn't go for it. Now I'm living on my own and my tampon stock is running low.

I'm very small. My flow is pretty light so I'm not worried about getting a larger size. Stiffer and larger cups seem scary to me. I am considering the Lunette, Moon Cup UK (I'm not sure if I'm using the right brand name... I'm referring to the one that isn't made by "the keeper" company) and Lady Cup. Right now I am most attracted to the Lady Cup, the price is initially off-putting but with free shipping there's not really much difference. I'm unsure which of these companies offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

I am a little concerned with how low the cups rest compared to tampons. My tampons always tend to sit low and frequently poke out. I have to shove them in. Perhaps I'm putting the tampons in incorrectly but I have a feeling my vagina is just shaped in a way that shoves them downward. I know I can cut off the stems, but I'm worried about how this will affect wearing the cup and especially unfolding the cup inside me.

It's very important I choose the right one and have a good experience because my husband is skeptical and I want to impress him. :)
Tags: lady cup, lunette, mooncup (uk)
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