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Diva vs. Keeper Mooncup for Tall Girl

I am a tall (5'11" or 181cm) virgin, so my vaginal opening is both long and a little tight.  And this definitely affects how the menstrual cups fit me.  If you fit my description, this might be helpful.

I used each cup for 2 periods.  I am currently using and in love with my DivaCup.  It's like not having a period at all.

The Keeper Mooncup

-Because the walls of the cup are thick, the cup was somewhat inflexible, which it made it difficult to fold and insert, and likewise, very uncomfortable to pull out, because it pushed so hard against the walls of my vagina as I pulled it out.

-The cup forcefully suctioned itself to my insides.  The holes were blocked/too small and it would work its was far back into me and suction in place.  This suction was actually so strong that it caused pain, and then a tingling foot-coming-awake-from-being-sat-on-too-long feeling, only, inside of me (very bad).

-The stem of the cup is smooth, and very difficult to grip, making the cup even more difficult to remove.

-I took a pointy knife to the holes, which fixed the suction problem, but then it leaked on the first day of my period because my flow was too heavy for it.  worked just fine on my lighter days

-When I wrote an email to The Keeper asking for advice, I never heard back.


-They gave me a full refund for the cup.


-the company doesn't offer a money back guarantee.

-cup is much more flexible and is easier to insert and remove with no discomfort
-the cup is larger than the keeper and I have experienced no leakage
-the stem is textured and easier to grip for removal
Tags: brand comparisons, divacup, insertion - painful or problems, keeper moon cup, leakage & spotting, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction
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