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VERY interesting 1st and 2nd tries

Including it turning completely upside down!  WTH?!  No one told me this could happen!  Anyone, here's my story...

I got my LadyCups yesterday - both the small and large sizes in a package deal on ebay.  My period is due today, so I tried a slightly dry run yesterday using the small LadyCup.  I boiled in in the microwave for a couple minutes first.  Then, I used the 7 fold and it went in on the first try.  It popped open right away and it seemed to be in the right place, above my pubic bone and the stem was just inside.  I kept it in for about 10 hours and could feel the stem a little bit throughout the day...but nothing bad. 

The removal was pretty difficult.  It's hard to bear down AND relax at the same time!  I could get a hold of the stem but I had a really hard time reaching any higher than that, even with the bearing down.  My pubic bone seems really prominent and I have a hard time getting around it to reach the base of the cup.  Anyway, it took about 10 minutes but I finally was able to get the base of it and pinch it and pull it out.  There was a little bit of blood streaked fluid, which I'm guessing was pre-period spotting type stuff.

I left it out overnight and this morning (when my period is due), I tried to reinsert in the shower.  I think I held on to the fold until it was further in this time and when I let go, it was like SWALLOWED up.  I couldn't feel the stem, I couldn't feel anything.  I took some deep breaths and started feeling around.  It was popped open, UPSIDE down.  I could feel the entire inside of the open cup, facing down.  Let me tell you...that was difficult to get out.  Lesson learned, do not let go of the stem when inserting!  I inserted again but the stem was sticking way out and wouldn't go in...took it out and tried again, same thing.  So, I left it and figured maybe it would slowly work it's way up but it's been a couple hours now and the stem is still way lower than it was yesterday.  Maybe my cervix is lower today?  But that seems weird since it was able to fit the whole thing in upside down today!'s not too comfortable right now.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated!
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems, lady cup, removal - painful or problems
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