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Lady Cup material

Hi everyone,
I've been using menstrual cups for about 7 years now. I started using the Keeper which I absolutely loved, but eventually developped a latex allergy and had to part with it =(  I had been using cloth pads alternately, but started using them exclusively until I found the DivaCup a few years ago.  First time I used the DC was so uncomfortable I thought I would never be able to use it.  But eventually, I figured out the angle and chopped of the stem and used a scalpel to shave off the ridges (!) and now it's tolerable, but still uncomfortabe to insert.

So I just ordered a LadyCup off of eBay and am looking forward to getting it based on all the wonderful reviews I've heard of it.  My only concern is the material.  I know they say it's medical grade silicone, but from all the pictures, it looks quite different, and I'm suspicious that it might in fact be plastic.  Does anyone here have the LadyCup and other silicone cups? Are the textures noticeably different? Does the LC discolour when you boil it?

Thanks for the info! 
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