Monique (miss_artiga) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal and insertion, does it require being a yogi master?!?!?

Ok, here's the deal. I got my Diva cup in the mail yesterday! And I was like OMG so excited! And decided to do a dry run. I tried sticking it in standing up, sitting on the toilet, and in the shower with one foot up on the wall... no dice. It wasn't going in. Then I decided to lay on my bed with my legs spread open and two feet pressed against the wall. Score! It went in!So I stuck it in and it felt ok... but oh man, let me tell you, removing it was a BITCH. I freaked out and almost cried.

But then! A mere two hours later, my period started and I was like OMG so excited again! I mean, it must have been fate right? So I immediatly assumed the position that had brought so much success earlier, and it didn't dissapoint! Taking it out was also a lot easier once I did a little research. So basically my first day went ok.

But then we get to today... not so good. I stuck it in this morning without any trouble. But then I had to go do research for a paper i'm writing. I was able to take the cup out without much fuss. However, I was unable to put it back in. Remember my trusty position? Kind of impossible in a public bathroom stall =/
What can I do?!?!! I desperatly tried to make due with the space I had... but alas! My poor girly bits weren't having it =(

I beg of you oh wise sisters of the cup! Bestow your knowledge on this pledge!
Tags: divacup, insertion, removal

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