Joni (little_joni) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Can someone help?

I feel like my Diva cup is betraying me. I posted a few days ago about how well it was working with it turned inside out, but last night it just suddenly stopped working for reasons I can't figure out. It does not seem to want to pop open completely. I'm using the punch-down fold to get it as I have been doing all along and it sort of unfolds but it stays all sucked in and buckled. I can tell it's not in right because even if I leave it in there like that it slips down and becomes very uncomfortable. I must have tried 50 times to get it in last night, and then again today...but no luck whatsoever. I'm devastated since I used it this cycle for my heaviest days and it worked like a charm. Now I'm back to stupid pads and after having had a taste of success with a cup I hate the pads even more.

For reference, my first cycle with the Diva did not go so well. I tried turning it inside out, as someone suggested here, as sort of my last resort to make it work for me (I have a low cervix and I think a right-side-out Diva is really too long for me). I also have cleaned out the holes, tried a C-fold instead of a punch down fold, and even tried some lube. I'm out of ideas. Should I just throw in the towel (or cup, as the case may be) and try another cup brand? I'm toying with the idea of getting a Mooncup UK because it's the shortest cup (according the to the size comparison chart on this community). I just don't want to buy a whole new cup and only end up with the same problems.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I really want to find a way to make my cup work, or get a new one that won't let me down. :(
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