Brittany (dirteelilsecret) wrote in menstrual_cups,


So I've had m DivaCup for three months now. The first month I only used it for maybe 5 minutes because I didn't know if I did it right. The second month I used it for two days. This month I went to put it in and it just... didn't feel right. It hurt whenever I walked. I thought maybe I didn't get it in right and tried numerous times. I know it was sealed because (despite the pain) I kept it in and there was no leaking. It just ended up being unbearable pain and pressure. It's not too big of a deal except tomorrow I'm planning on going to a water park and wanted to use my cup. But if it is going to be too painful, then I probably won't. So any ideas why it hurt or what might help?
Tags: chafing/irritation

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