jcnjd (jcnjd) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Question about nabothian cysts

Hi All,

I stared following this LJ a few weeks ago when I started using a cup; first time posting. I purchased a Mooncup (US) and hated the thing. The stem was too long, and then I trimmed it and it poked me terribly. I ended up getting a Diva from out local natural foods coop and loved it.

I decided to switch over to cups and cloth pads as back up fro environmental reasons, but also because I have a pretty light period (thank you Seasonale!) and felt that tampons dried me out, even weeks after my period.

Anyway, I have nabothian cysts (benign cysts on the cervix) and I was wondering if anyone felt the cup affected them, either negatively or positively. I noticed some thick, clearish discharge this period, in addition to the blood, and was wondering if the suction from the cup could have popped some of the cysts. I didn't have pain or anything, and I'm not really worried. More curious. I know the obvious answer would be to go investigate the situation up there, but I've never been able to feel my cysts anyway, so I don't think it would do much good.

Tags: divacup, health risks
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