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So...I tried a Diva cup a couple of years ago because I was tired of changing my tampon so many times a day and spending $$.  I was really excited to use it. I inserted it and it was very easy.  Removal, however was an absolute NIGHTMARE.  The Diva rode so high up that I couldn't reach it. I could only touch the end of it with the tips of my fingers.  I tried sitting, squatting, laying down, standing up and when I could almost pinch the bottom of it was too slippery to hold on to. Okay, panic.  I can't remember if the Diva had a short stem or not.    When I was a young teen, I had a similar problem with a tampon.  I was still a virgin and my tampon got stuck on my hymen. I was like, 13 or something and I had to have my mom take me to the doctor for them to remove it. Talk about embarassing....I did not want to go to the doctor to remove this cup now as an adult! I had to use a foreign object to dig it out. The Diva went from my vagina straight to the trash can. I wasn't risking getting that thing stuck again. I know on the FAQ it said that gravity would eventually bring it down, but I spent all day walking around and just praying it would.

In between years, I tried the instead cups and I really liked them because I was able to hook one finger around the rim and pull it out easier.  I just didn't like that it wasn't re-usable so it wasn't really saving me all that much money either. Plus, you could have sex with it in if you really wanted to while on your period without getting too messy.

These past few months I considered another cup and I did research on other cups and which ones people liked most. I decided to buy the mooncup.  The stem looked really long and I thought it would help with the removal. This is my first day using it and so far so good. I keep checking it to see if it's ridden up any and it hasn't gone too far. I did trim the stem a tiny bit to keep it from poking me but I can still reach it. 

I hope the mooncup is the one!  Just thought I'd share my experience, and I wonder if anyone's ever had that problem that you almost had to go to the doctor to get it out.

Sorry if it was too much info for you guys...Just hope I'm not alone!
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