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Report from a new user

I've never posted here although I have been reading this community for some time. Thanks to everyone who posts here and for all the great information, it has been incredibly helpful! :D

I first learned about menstrual cups from a few of my lj friends, one of whom linked to this community. I thought the idea was great and really wanted to try a cup for myself. I do have a little experience with Instead when they first came out but I didn't have any success with that so I was ready to try something similar again and hope it would go better.

I will admit I wish I had done a bit more research before buying my cup. I ended up choosing a Diva cup type 2 because of my age and the fact I'm a mommy three times over. In the US I think these are the easiest to find. I ordered mine online and got it in two days. I had never actually been excited to get my period...silly, but true.

My first cycle did not go so well. I had a lot of leaking and getting the cup in and out was a messy process. It was only near the end of my cycle that I finally figured out that my cervix was very low and the cup was just too long. I removed the entire stem and inserted it lower but I still only had hit and miss success. Then my period ended, so I was a bit discouraged, but determined not to give up so easy...I knew it might take a few cycles to get the hang of it. On an optimistic note, I did not use a tampon for that entire cycle so that was something.

After reading some more on this community I considered getting a different cup, like a Mooncup UK because it's shorter and thought it might work better for my low positioned cervix. But I also read how someone turned their Diva inside out and that it worked so much better. I put off buying a second cup for too long so when my cycle started yesterday my only choice was to keep trying the Diva or reverting back to tampons and pads...I decided to give the inside out Diva a try even though I was seriously skeptical this would really work.

To my surprise--or shock, rather--it totally worked like a charm! I wore it all day yesterday and last night with no leaks whatsoever, and it was a heavy day with lots of flow. In addition, it's in a comfortable position and it doesn't ride up at all like it was before! I'm so pleased with my cup now that it works, aside from the cramps I almost can't tell I'm even getting my period! I even went to play Laser Tag with my kids yesterday and had no problems at all. I think the Diva is a bit harder to insert when it is inside out, but other than that it really works great.

I'm still a bit paranoid about leaks so I have a backup pad on, but I'm going to try going without it sometime today so I can experience how great the cup really is. I'm also still concerned about how long my Diva will last with it turned perpetually inside out like this...does that concern anyone else or I am just being weird? I'm still considering that second cup but it's nice to know I don't have to be in any kind of rush to get it either since I'm doing just fine.

So thank you to everyone here for making this community and posting your experiences here, I found it incredibly helpful! I never would have tried to cup at all if it hadn't been for this community so I think you are all wonderful, I hope adding my experience is also helpful to someone out there. :D
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