allissanoel (allissanoel) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What cup to buy?

I have been reading through the memories and i know a few people have posted about this lately but i just havent gotten my answer.
I have a diva cup and i hate it.
I bought the diva because it is sold in a store in my town.
Now im really wanting a new cup since its summer and i will be going to the lake alot.
After reading through the memories i am debating between
Mooncup UK, and moon cup by keeper

I really like the fact that the Mooncup UK pops open so easily thats the main reason i want it.
I hate trying to get the diva to pop open it always leaves me feeling sore (sorry if thats tmi)

I want the moon cup by keeper because its on sale for 19.99 on south coast shopping

I have thought about the other cups but they are all so expensive
But if they are worth it i will buy them lol

So what are your opinions on what i should buy?

The main thing im looking for would be that it pops open easily!

Thanks in advance!
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions
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