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copper iud + mooncup (x-posted)

I got my copper IUD a week ago and have just got my period - I was on HBC and the doctor recommended I finish the pack, so I did. It started yesterday and is heavier than my usual withdrawal bleed used to be, but not insanely heavy.

Here's the thing: I've been using a Mooncup UK for about a year and am totally in love with it. I read up on all the risks of using it with the IUD and decided to go for it anyway, because I've never had any problems with inserting or removing the cup and I really wanted to. Even so, I was going to wait a couple of months before going back to the cup, just to be on the safe side (apparently the risk of expulsion is highest in the first couple of periods). So I grudgingly bought a few packs of disposables to see me through.

But man, I had forgotten how much I hated using pads and tampons. The mess! The smell! The icky feeling! The leaking! After only a day I cracked and decided to stop being superstitious and just use the cup already....and now I'm freaking out.

I checked my strings before I put the cup in, and they were fine; my cervix was pretty high, pointing kind of to one side and felt normal. Straight after inserting the cup I had a few minutes of wicked cramps and started to worry, but they passed and I told myself i was just being paranoid. So a few hours later, I went to empty the cup, and was obviously careful to break the suction, not accidentally pinch the strings, etc. But it was more difficult than I'd expected, and it felt like there was a little suction before I got it out.

I checked my strings straight after I removed the cup, and they were WAY lower because my cervix is now pointing straight down, and much lower down than it was before...it's as if my vagina has got shorter in just a few hours. My actual cervix also feels different, much softer and.. more open, I guess? I had a good poke around and I definitely can't feel the tip of the IUD, and my cramps have stopped, but I'm desperately worried that I've yanked the thing part way out, or started a process which could lead to expulsion. Is that possible, or am I just imagining it?


Please help...I've only had my copper friend for a week, and really don't want to have to get another one put in. Even if this turns out to be okay, I'm just now really terrified of using my cup with the IUD. I've checked the memories, but I guess I'm just looking for reassurance and more success stories...I would be really gutted to have to go back to pads, and part of the reason behind getting the IUD was that thanks to the cup I'm so much more confident that I could cope with heavy periods, but now I'm not so sure. Thanks so much in advance for any advice...I've cross-posted this to menstrual_cups and iud_divas, so sorry if it clogs up your friends pages.
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