Magpie (the_magpie) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Wearing the Cup for Extended Spotting

Hi everyone! So I'm on hormonal birth control pills, and being the genius I am, caught cold and forgot my pill two days in a row. Now I am in what I like to call "The Time of Eternal Bleeding" - in which I spot for however long it takes for my hormones to properly reconfigure themselves (this happened when I first went on the Pill - it took until my first Pill period to stop the spotting, and I'm figuring that's how long it'll take for this to clear up as well, and if it doesn't I'll have a chat with someone qualified, of course). My question for the good folks at menstrual_cups is this: When wearing the cup for extended periods of time (read: about a month), are there any adverse effects to watch out for? I've been washing the cup frequently in very hot water, mild soap, and occasionally I've cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, which the Diva's instruction booklet says is pretty okay, so I should be safe from infection/cleanliness problems. It hasn't even started to discolor yet, which is really impressive given that I've been using it for a month. But I don't know if there's any chance that like, I'll damage my insides or something. Thanks for your help!
Tags: continuous use, health risks

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