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Just when you thought there was only one pink cup.... the new Miacup

I got an e-mail this afternoon from another new cup company!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Its a South African company, that claims to not only use environmentally friendly packaging and use a carbon neutral web server, but they also donate money to a food/tree organisation... and they offer a 6 month returns policy!

I must say, I was impressed with the website and the fact that their FAQ (which is in the "how" section under "questions") covers almost every question you could possibly have... and they have an extensive forum for people to use..... seems like they are really interested in the customer.

The video here http://www.miacup.co.za/eng/how_video.php  shows it as a more purpley pink colour (and it appears to be opaque), so it will be interesting to see what it is like in the flesh.  I have been given a sample, so I'll be able to post more info once it arrives.  It appears to have the same flat stem as the Lunette, though I couldn't find any measurements, so I have no idea how the sizes compare with any of the cups (I've mentioned this to them, so I expect that measurements will be available on there shortly).

Looks very interesting.

I think they are probably the most expensive of the cups (about $51 US).... which will deter a lot of people....but the eco and other positives I think would persuade me to spend a bit more... though for me in Australia that's about what I'd be paying for anything other than the Diva, and I still think it's worth it if you compare it to tampons.... and if it is indeed purple, that would seal the deal for me hahaha
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