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nailssssss (semi-long, sorry)

Hello! I've just recently found this community and have been voraciously reading the archives and memories and am so glad i'm not the only one with issues! lol.

my history: i bought a divacup in late december 2007 at the urging of my brother's girlfriend, who LOVES hers. sounded cool to me, i'd been thinking of something similar for a long time, so i spent i think $35 on one at a local natural foods store (wish i'd known you could get them cheap online, ugh). i wanted it because i was going overseas and knew i'd get my period there, and thought it would be great to have.
no such luck.
i had issues.
it hurt. it pinched. i could feel it inside. and worst of all, even on my dry runs, i bled. bright red blood, which i took to mean i was cutting myself, either that or i'd hurt my hymen somehow (i'm a 20-year-old virgin, currently, although perhaps not for very much longer). i tried it several times, wrote email to divacup, but was never comfortable. i put it aside until i was done with school for the year, because i figured it would be easier to play with at home in my private bathroom.

i was too scared to try again even when i got home, until i found this community not two days ago. after reading, as i said, literally hundreds of entries, i tried again today. first i tried the punch-down, and it leaked. then i tried the 7, and it worked in terms of seal, but i could feel it in a semi-bad way.  and upon removal, i bled again.

important stuff: i think it's because i have long nails. and no, i can't just cut them, because i have had long nails as long as i can remember, and cutting them too short means my ultra-sensitive fingertips are exposed and it hurts like hell to touch anything. i can't seem to remove my cup without pinching myself though. i'm worried about getting an infection in the cuts!
does anyone else have this issue? any suggestions for removal in a non-pinchy way?

i have plenty of time to figure it out, though, because i have a huge stockpile of regular disposable pads and no sister or anyone (mom's post-menopause) to give them to, so i've gotta use them. i hate it, because i'm trying to be more eco-friendly and all, but i literally have enough pads to get me through the summer if not fall...but if i can use the divacup for daytime, it would make my life so much easier (especially once i start my 40hr a week nannying job...oy).

thanks in advance!
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