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Unpredictable Lady Cup Burning and Shifting?

So I guess the background details are, I’m a 19 year old virgin, and I'm new to menstrual cups.  I started with the Small Diva Cup (which I hated and thought was too large and painful and had death suction and even laying down didn’t help insertion--I could never even get the thing actually inside me), thought I must have a tiny vagina, panicked, then read rave reviews about the tiny Lady Cup, and bought one (in the Small size), even though I’m a broke college student.

I feel like I must be doing something wrong! Everyone else seems to RAVE about the Lady Cup, and true, it’s VERY soft (MUCH moreso than the awful painful Diva Cup) and foldable and tiny and inserts so easily.


Maybe I should have ordered the larger size? I’m not sure exactly what’s wrong here. But every time I use it, well, even if I’m on my heaviest days, I feel sort of parched and stinging-raw in my vagina, and almost constantly feel the Lady Cup rising up inside of me until I’m in a lot of discomfort.  I feel like it's ALWAYS shifting.  And once it gets really high up in there, it's no fun at all to get it out.  When it’s not shifting, it’s TOTALLY comfortable, although the stem pokes out a little and then if I sit down...well, then, things don’t work out anymore.

Someone commented that this doesn’t happen if you tilt it toward your head rather than toward your tailbone, but that seems really difficult to do. This last time I tried it, but it seems like it just wants to shift on me anyway. Sitting on the toilet, or even standing’s not a problem. But sitting down is KILLER, no matter how I sit, because it seems to ride up and pinch and chafe my dry-feeling vaginal walls, and then after sitting, getting up hurts a lot and then moving at all is not comfortable. Even walking sucks with this thing in and I end up lumbering around like I’m old or diapered.  I'm so scared of moving at all because then I just don't know where it'll go: if it's comfortable I want it to STAY comfortable, so I try not to move, but if it's uncomfortable, it's even worse when I'm moving so I still try not to.

I don't even think trimming the stem would be a good idea because, okay, maybe it'd be more comfortable, but that doesn't help with the riding up...and then getting it out would be even worse!

I feel like, maybe this isn’t the cup for me? Maybe it’s too small? Maybe it’s too soft and a different one wouldn’t have these problems? Maybe the Diva hurts because I’m a virgin? But I don’t really want to go on willy-nilly buying other cups, and I’m scared of experimenting anymore with these two, and anyway I have cloth pads so I’m thinking of just relying on those. But I hate abandoning things that I’ve spent so much money on!!!

Does anyone have any thoughts? Or suggestions or similar stories?
Tags: cervix position, chafing/irritation, divacup, lady cup, sizes/size issues, stem length/trimming
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