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Lady cup news

I just received a newsletter from the Lady Cup company!

A few highlights:
They're making a coloured cup! It is pink. Not really to my taste, but I know it's something people have been asking for for years. This is the only image they provided:

Which looks like a mockup to me, but could just be the background that's not real. They say it will be available from Sept/Oct.

They linked to this community (and Obsidian's site) at the bottom of the email!

ISSUE no 3

summer 2008

Introducing world NEWS
menstrual cup "PINKCUP" in modern pink colour!

in this issue

menstrual cup LADYCUP
LADYGEL - intimate hygiene and menstrual cup care
new coloured menstrual cup PINKCUP
other products


To whom it may concern:
It is a pleasure for us to send you latest information.
Soon after being introduced to the world market, the menstrual cup LadyCup won one
of the best utility evaluations upon comparison with other menstrual cups. All the
more is it precious that such evaluations are awarded directly by its users who
appreciate especially the flexibility of silicone - (easy introduction) and its
completely smooth surface (easy maintenance).
The menstrual cup LadyCup including its cloth bag was awarded voluntary certification
of the National Institute of Public Health of the Czech Republic. Based on this
certificate and upon fulfilment of all important health conditions, LadyCup was
introduced successfully in the pharmaceutical distribution network of PHOENIX Group,
one of the largest European pharmaceutical distributors.
Due to the rising interest in the menstrual cup LadyCup from countries in Asia,
we have prepared new language mutations of our website and online shop. Besides
the existing world languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian), now you
can obtain all information also in Arabic (Jordan) and Chinese (traditional). Localization
in other languages is going to be finished very soon (Dutch, Russian, Polish, Danish).
However, the greatest news definitely includes the coloured variant of the menstrual
cups LadyCup in pink. The new pink menstrual cup marked PINKCUP is available in
all types of standard packaging. The coloured tint is achieved by means of a special
colour admixture used in the medical and food industries, which has all the testing
certificates necessary.Exclusively the first pink menstrual cup only from us!

We have prepared a new liquid gentle intimate soap LadyGel for easy maintenance
of the menstrual cup LadyCup, representing an alternative of maintenance using sterilization
tablets Milton. The liquid soap is available in the volume of 300 mL/10 oz and with
a dosing pump. Its specific natural non-irritating composition with low pH 5.5 and
white tea extracts is suitable both for entire intimate female hygiene as well as
for taking care of the menstrual cup.


LADYCUP - menstrual cup

LadyCup offers you the most modern intimate hygiene product for ladies. With LadyCup,
your menstruation period will be more pleasant. LadyCup is the union of optimum
shape with very high quality material. 6 packaging variants are available for your
maximum comfort.

LADYGEL - intimate hygiene

New gentle intimate soapLadyGel for complete care of your body and menstrual cups!
Intimate gel for sensitive skin.Especially for intimate hygiene and care of the
menstrual cup. Contains white tea extract and allantoin which is helpful in healing
of microscopic injuries to sensitive mucosa. Calms down irritated sites. Neutralizes
unpleasant smell. Provides the feeling of being fresh and clean. Suitable for washing
of sensitive skin, as well. LadyGel is ready for sale at selected distributors/retailers
from 09/10 2008.

PINKCUP - in color PINK

PinkCup offers you the most modern intimate hygiene product for ladies. With PinkCup,
your menstruation period will be more pleasant. PinkCup is the union of optimum
shape with very high quality material. PinkCup is ready for sale at selected distributors
from September/October 2008.

other products

MILTON - sterilising tablets (28) for cleaning. MILTONis all you need to protect
your LadyCup from harmful germs and bacteria.

AQUAGLIDE - water-based lubricant
BIOGLIDE - water-based lubricant, 100 % biological
- approved as medical product, pH-neutral, dermatological and clinically tested,
100 % LadyCup compatible

We are pleased by your interest in modern products.

Sincerely yours and wishing you success in business,
LadyCup - Jaguara, s.r.o.
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