saori82 (saori82) wrote in menstrual_cups,

paragard and divacup

Hi Ladies, just had a quick question about having a paragard and using a diva cup. Ive had my paragard for a little over a month and this is period #1. I have been successful using it and absolutely love not having to use tampons or pads, and am very careful about breaking the seal and I check my strings every time before I put the cleaned cup back. So my question is this: If when I pull the cup out and I can feel that the strings have fallen so that they are hanging down straight is this a flag? This happened the last time I removed the cup, and I tucked them back behind my cervix and reinserted the cup. Are the strings falling down normal? or should I be alarmed? thank you for any comments ^_^
Tags: divacup, iud

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