crochetaduck (crochetaduck) wrote in menstrual_cups,

stem trimming--Help!

I'm using my Lunette for the first time this week, and was going pretty well, except for the stem. It was way too long and was sticking out long enough to bend in my underwear when I moved. So I decided to trim it. Last night I took a pair of scissors to it, which left the stem rather jagged. This caused a searing pain when I moved. On the bright side I didn't know I could remove the cup so quickly! This morning I sort of tapered the stem using nail clippers, and it's better, but it still has lots of angles and is uncomfortable, and sitting down is painful. How can I get it smooth? I already tried a kitchen knife, which must not have been sharp because it didn't make a dent in it, and a metal nail file, which did nothing as well (besides squeak). It's possible that the stem is still too long, but I don't want to cut more off until I figure out how to make it smooth.

On a side note, how do people feel about the flat stem of the Lunette? Do you try to position it a certain way?
Tags: stem length/trimming
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