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New Diva Cup is too long, can I flip it inside out?

Hello all,

I spent a few weeks researching cups and lurking around this community, but was on the fence about actually buying one. Last week I decided it was worth it and ordered a Diva Cup (size 1) from South Coast Shopping, as I live in the US and am a bit low on cash. Inserting the cup wasn't a problem, however my first thought was that the cup was WAY too long. The stem was sticking out of me and snagging on my clothes, so I tried to push it further up, but it was at the point that there was no where else to go. Eventually I had trimmed the entire stem off. This made it much more comfortable, so I decided to wear it for the day. It was alright, but I could still feel the cup rubbing a bit at the opening of my vagina. Wearing the cup was bearable, but it felt the same as if I had inserted a tampon too low and it just wasn't sitting right. I was conscious of it all day, unlike tampons that I could usually insert and forget about.

I had resigned myself to just dealing with the rubbing/feeling the cup at the opening of my vagina and labia, but today I found the recommendation here that you could turn the cup inside out to shorten it a bit. So, I flipped it inside out, reinserted it, and that seemed to do the trick. I wore it all day and it seemed to work fine - no leaks, but then again I am at basically the end of my cycle so there was not that much blood in the cup that could have leaked out anyway.

My question is, does flipping the Diva cup inside out affect how the cup functions at all? When I push on the bottom to try to get it situated a bit higher up, the cup just folds in on itself (as if I were turning it right-side out). Do you think this might happen when I wear it and cause problems? Also, I've read posts where women say that the suction so intense that it hurts to tug the stem down to try to remove it, but when I remove the cup, I can barely feel it. I don't need to get my finger up to the rim, I just gently pinch the bottom into a bit of a c fold and pull it out. I can feel that the cup is open fully, but is there anything that needs to be done, besides getting the cup open, to have a good seal? If there are problems associated with turning the cup inside out, do you have any suggestions for making the cup sit a bit higher? It literally sticks out of me when not flipped inside out, and the only solutions I've come up with are just sucking it up and getting used to the feeling of the cup rubbing the opening of my vagina or buying another brand of cup that isn't quite as long.

I'm hoping that this is a case of "So long as it doesn't leak, don't worry about it" and I can continue wearing the cup inside out, but I'm concerned that when my flow is heavier at the beginning of the next cycle this might become a problem. Thanks so much for reading through all of this!
Tags: divacup, inside-out, seal & suction, stem length/trimming

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