J-Ø (pallidpanacea) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Specific sizing question, re: post-childbirth.

Hi all! I have a Mooncup UK (small) and a Lunette (large, since they only had one size when I purchased it). I primarily use the Mooncup UK because it's easier for me.

When I first started using cups I was smack dab in the middle in regards to which size I should order. Age-wise, I should have ordered the larger size. But I didn't have a child. So I ordered as above and had no problems at all.

All of this said, I am pregnant now and due in July. The plan is to have a vaginal delivery.

My question is this: did any of you start using small cups, but then had a child and had to switch to the larger size? Or were you able to still use the small cup after the birth of your first child?

I know that the various companies would say to use the larger size. But, at 31, I never had a problem with the small Mooncup UK size. And any slight issues I did have with the Lunette I believe might have been because it was too big.

P.S. I am soooo missing my cups and lamenting the fact that I'm going to have to use pads after delivery. The horror! :D
Tags: sizes/size issues

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