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Newbie trying to decide on size to buy

I just learned about menstrual cups from a thread over at the Everyday Minerals forum and I'm all onboard for making the switch.  After doing all my research, I think I have settled on the Lunette but I'm not sure which size to get.  Here is my relevant info and any suggestions would be most appreciated.

I am 31yo, married with no kids (and no plans to ever have any); 5'4" and 110lbs.  If it matters, only because the diva site referred to the fact that women over 30 experience "hip spreading" and thus need the larger size, I have fairly narrow hips at 36".  I think my vagina is of average width and depth.  I can use all sizes of tampons with no pain and only experience the normal discomfort during OB/GYN exams.  I currently have periods of what I think is average flow, lasting about 4 days.  At the heaviest, a super tampon lasts 6 hours or overnight.  I do have severe menstrual pain for the first 1-2 days, requiring codeine, which I believe to be endometriosis (it runs in the family) but I haven't had surgery to confirm.  The pain is not typical cramps but located around my stomach, intestines and colon and is worsened when I eat.  I also have been experiencing some urinary frequency and bladder sensitivity lately, just before my period starts and while I have it.  This concerns me a bit because I've heard some people mention that the cup presses on their urethra.

I'm guessing you will recommend the larger size...but the main reason for my hesitation is that I have major sensory issues!  As in...sounds, smells, rough clothing, etc. drive me nuts!  And so I'm worried that if the cup is too big and I feel it all the time that I won't stick with it.  Anyway, that's my story.

Any comments or suggestions would be great!.
Tags: buying decisions, lunette, sizes/size issues

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