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Sarah Irene

Perhaps a different cup?

I bought a DivaCup (the size for women who haven't given a vaginal birth. I think that's a 1.) 2 months ago and just started my second cycle with it. I am pleased to report that I've not had  a single problem "getting the hang of it", I've never had a leak and I'm always able to fish it out if it moves up within a minute tops (I'm a nuvaring user so I'm used to going fishing in the vag-sea). However I'm just satisfied. I find my cramps are worse using the cup then they were before with tampons or pads. I AM on birth control as mentioned so my cramps should be helped, but never really have been. I'm not blaming the cup but has anyone else had this problem? I asked my gyno this week when I was there and she said she didn't THINK it would have an affect. Anyway though...

**I know my vagina isn't teeny tiny, I'm not a virgin and I masturbate regularely. My vaj isn't super tight. I AM however a smaller woman, 5' nothing. The cup feels a little big for me. I can feel it more then a tampon. Maybe I just need to get used to it? Especially when I first re-insert/insert I find it un-comfy.

**It hates popping open sometimes. Sometimes doing a little wiggle and hip dance works. Sometimes not. I gave up tongiht and used a pad.

**My suction is really strong and makes it difficult to pull out. I don't mind reaching up for it, but I find it difficult to break the suction and remove, with bearing down and pulling gently.

Perhaps.. a smaller sized cup would be better? Like I said..the Divacup..FUNCTIONS.. I don't leak..once I get it to pop..but it's a PITA to fiddle with it. Especially at work. And my period is VERY light so I don't always have ample lube. Especially first day? Oh boy. I bled maybe 3 drops today in over 12 hrs. I bought the Diva out of convienence but I'm open to ordering online to get something that will feel more comfortable.

***and as a side note, I've convinced 3 people to try or look into them. 1 has already bought, 2 are looking into it. including my gyno :) ***

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