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Well I just got my Diva about a week ago and was very excited to try it out.  Last night I did a dry run with it, since I just finished my last cycle.  Well it took me three tries to get it in and finally got it in with the punch-down method.  I checked it as best I could to see if it had popped open and it felt like it had.  I was very excited and then things started to go downhill....

Not sure if my cervix is just sitting really low but within a couple of minutes it had moved down a bit and the stem was pinching me.  The stem wasn't sticking out but was right at the opening.  I am scared to cut the stem because I can't put it back if it is cut.   I kept it in for a while longer hoping it would re-adjust and stop pinching but it didn't.  Then when I went to remove it I had a very hard time breaking the suction.  I finally got the suction broke and got it out.  After I had taken it out I had a burning sensation in my  lower stomach like I get when i have an UTI.  Also while it was in I had the crampy pains like I used to get when I wore tampons, which is why I quit using them.
The questions I have are:
Should I wait until my period to see how my cup sits before I cut my stem off?
Did I have the burning and crampy sensation because it is a dry run or am I going to be doomed?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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