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OMG torture

I apologize if this strays into the TMI region, but I am dying! I definitely have a yeast infection. I was a little uncomfortable a day or so before shark week, but it could have been attributed to having done to the gym and rollerskating and new hot weather, so I wasn't sure. Using the cup for four days definitely made it come out with a vengeance. *squirm* I tried the clove of garlic last night and spread some unsweetened yogurt around this morning, but I am barely able to sit still right now.
I wanted to ask those of you who use the garlic and/or yogurt method how often you have to do it? Does it only work if you catch it at the beginning or will it work when the YI is in full swing? And how on earth do you get the yogurt from your cup into your parts? Do you leave it in or take it out so the yogurt works its way all the way down? I am not sure I can bear the idea of putting it in right now, though.
Lastly, I have read many different recommendations for cleaning the cup to get the yeasty spores dead but not really precise amounts of solution. Like 16oz of water with 1oz bleach; 12oz water with 2ml of peroxide. What do you all use?
As one last note, I only get to see my boi on the weekends and we haven't had sex in forever and we really won't be having it this weekend, either.
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