missKitty_79 (misskitty_79) wrote in menstrual_cups,

claret red???

Okay, so this isn't entirely cup related, but it sort of is, because if I were still using tampons, I might not have noticed things yet:

I am a 29 year old woman who's on hbc, specifically the patch: Ortho-Evra & uses Instead Softcups. Generally, I have what most would consider short & light periods: before I switched to Insteads, I rarely filled a light tampon after wearing it for the max 8hrs & I usually only bleed for 3-4 days.

Saturday was my birthday party...
Around 10pm that evening, when going to the washroom, I noticed some slight spotting (though it looked like old blood, rather than new). I popped in an Instead & forgot about it.
Later that night, I went out dancing with friends & took 1½ pills of Ecstasy (I know, I know...).
We had friends over to ours for afters & the last stragglers left around 7am, after which, my boyfriend & I went to bed & had some rather enthusiastic sex (yay Insteads!). We finally fell asleep somewhere around noon.
Since then, when emptying my Instead cup my usual twice per day (yet another Instead advantage) I've been noticing that there seems to be more blood than normal for me. It also looks thinner than it usually does (not a single clot yet) & of a much brighter, fresher red than I'm used to seeing. Normally, I'd expect to be about done with my period, but from what I can tell, things aren't really going to dry up any time soon & I'm kinda starting to wonder what might be going on...

I'm planning on going to my local "hassle free" women's clinic, but the next time it's open that I'm not scheduled to work is Tuesday afternoon & I'm worrying now. You know?
Any one have any ideas on what might be going on with my "girlie bits"?

Thanks in advance...

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