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Okay, I've searched past posts and didn't find anything like this, so hopefully I'm not going over old material here.

Has anybody put a string on her cup?

I got a UK MoonCup some time ago, having stumbled across it on the internet somewhere. At the time I didn't know there were other brands. I followed the instructions, but (in my opinion) they did not emphasize strongly enough the need to wear it around for quite a while before trimming the stem. I trimmed mine mostly off, and when it took me half an hour to get it out, I just couldn't bear (no pun intended) to put it back in again. I threw it away. I went back to disposable products for a while, then bought some cloth pads. I used those for two months, and then I went backpacking last weekend, and thought my period was going to come while I was out there. Menstrual cups are, apparently--and it makes sense--the most convenient way to deal with menstruation "in the wild." I didn't have time to have one delivered before the trip, so I brought my cloth pads, but I went ahead and ordered a Keeper anyway, since I like to go camping. My period did not start while we were backpacking; it started yesterday, a day after my Keeper arrived. I'm not trimming the stem, no way no how! Maybe after a few months of using it I will consider trimming it, but so far I think not.

Anyway, long story short, I'm essentially on day two of using the Keeper, plus a little experience with the UK MoonCup maybe a year ago.

And I want a string. Most of the references to strings I found in this community are the joy of not having one, but I want one! I find it very challenging to get a hold of that stem without pinching myself with my fingernails, even though I keep them trimmed very short.

So I was thinking.... what if I got my tiniest drill bit and drilled a hole about a quarter inch (0.5 cm) from the end of the stem and tied a string through it? Maybe a short loop of unwaxed dental floss, changed regularly. You know, just enough to give me some purchase on the damn thing until I can get the stem far enough out of me that I can grab onto it. Anybody ever tried anything like that?

Oh, and on a side note--does the Keeper have to be sh*t brown? I don't know why, but I find that color disturbing. The translucent whitish color of the MoonCup was far preferable to me. Heck, I'd even prefer pink over brown, and I'm not a "pink" type of person.

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