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I am on day 5 of cycle two. Last night, I had some trouble, for the first time, getting the cup out. It had migrated so far up that I couldn't get a hold of it! I squatted, bore down, relaxed and everything. I ended up having to literally dig it out. Up to the second joint on both index finger and thumb, squeeze, twist and pull. And I spilled the contents all over my fingers. Rinse, reinsert, and go to bed. Only to have the same problem this morning with the variation of there was nothing to spill and I dropped it in the toilet. Luckily I can get by with a liner today since I will be tapering off and I was at home, so I just stuck it in the cupboard to boil later and left for work. I didn't get this drastic change in placement last month and I was wondering if others have. I seem to vaguely recall reading some posts about it. I had to cut all of the stem off because it sits so low at the beginning of my cycle and I am sure that is contributing to some of this difficulty.
And in addition to being sore from difficult removal, I think I have a yeast infection for the first time in a couple years, I think. *grumble*
Tags: mooncup (uk), removal, yeast infections
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