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Lady Cup is Here!!!

Lady Cup just arrived! 

I see it is still pretty new, and not many women tried it yet so I guess it deserves a review.
It is soooo small! I can't believe that cups actually are so small! I got the large size by the way, and I can only imagine that the small size must be so teeny tiny small...Yes it's squishy and very pretty to look at, the photos at the Lady Cup webby are not nice.

More under the cut!

Kuukuppi 's envelope. It's a very simple paper envelope and I guess it's the standard for EU countries.  You can also see my dog shows a big interest.

Contents of the envelope... A letter from Kuukuppi, the receipt,  Lady cup's plastic bag.
P1020150.jpg image by onecherry

Pup is really interested in the goodies.
Candy in the envelope, so that's what's so interesting!

Tadaa! There it is. So my first thought was "It's too small! They send me the wrong size." I guess the size is right and I'm just paranoid, and delusional , thinking my vagina as the PIT.

P1020154.jpg image by onecherry

Pretty little cup innit?

  The holes!

The bumps!

P1020159.jpg picture by onecherry

Real size image.

P1020160.jpg image by onecherry
Comparison with a Silk touch mini OB tampon (expanded with plain water)

The silicon is soft and squishy, it does not slip if it is wet (nice, I don't like slippery), thick like x3 of what a baby bottle nipple is, and without any defects (cracks, scratches, etc).

Overall I'm pretty happy with my purchase. It came fast enough, the cup is better than I expected (at least visually), and the little bag for storage is cute! Plus it's a bargain at 24 euros!

I'm waiting for my period to come and write more about using it rather than looking at it.

The real irony is I think I'm late, I might be pregnant (woohooo!!!) after trying for a long time. Anyway, I really hope I'm pregnant but on the other hand I wish I could use my brand new cup soon enough to write a nice review!

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