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Day 1, cycle 2...

...and no end in sight to my torment. My cup and I, we are not friends yet. My brand new cloth pad is all annoyed with me and can't figure out why I can't get the cup thing right and it keeps getting wet.
Like most of the XX chromosome gifted folks out there, my first two days are heavy. With my frequent leakage last month, I made sure to make some pads as back up, especially since my roomie says she always has to have them as back up the first few days. Well, rats, but OK, I can accept it if that is the way it is. I just wanted to share some frustration and see if you resourceful ladies might be able to help.
I was just sitting on the sofa, stretched, and felt that familiar and dreaded "gush" feeling. Drat! Off to the toilet I go, thinking it shouldn't be full that quickly! It was only a couple hours! It wasn't full. Not only was it not full, there was pretty much nothing in it and more bloody fluid on the outside and on the cloth pad then in it!
I am at a loss as to how differently I can position it. No matter which angle I put it in at or how far up I push it, it slides back down so the round end is sitting just barely inside and slightly to the right. I have a slightly tilted to one side Uterus, so this is not surprising.
I went roller skating today and had a tiny bit of leakage, but no where near as bad as just sitting on the couch! It is popping open and sealing quite well, as I have to squeeze it together and twist to release the suction, so what the frell?!?!? Do I need the larger size Mooncup UK? How long do I keep with this one before determining that is the problem? I am already sore from where it sits low and taking in and out, so I am hesitant to try the larger size. I am feeling very discouraged right now. :(
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