nixy (nixyna) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Too wide?

I'm a first time mooncup user and I it was soooooooooo painful to remove. I've read through a lot of the 'removal problems' and there doesn't seem to be anything specifically related to my problem.

 Basically, the suction isn't a problem, but I just CANNOT seem to get it go come out without pain. Getting it inside folded wasn't too much of a problem and it feels comfortable inside me. But it just feels WAY too wide to come out comfortably (It's the smaller size mooncup). I've read some suggestions of trying to insert a finger alongside it and fold it, but there just isn't room...I've tried the easing it out, but even just trying to get one side out first is painful. The only bit that I'm strugglign with is getting the final rim bit out of the opening of my vagina without squealing in pain! Please help!!!

I'm 21 and a virgin so aren't very 'stretchy'....any suggestions? If it carried on being this painful I'll have to stop using it :(

Tags: first time use, removal - painful or problems
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