jiyuni (jiyuni) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Strange Discomfort wearing Instead

I previously posted about having major difficulties removing Instead.  Thanks to all for your suggestions!!
SO I am having my period and I went ahead and tried Instead on my first day.  I finally mastered the art of removal!! Bearing down helps big time. No way I can get it out without bearing down.  Everything has been good.  I love forgetting that i'm having my period and feeling so clean.  I don't mind the messiness at all and insertion and removal is really easy once I got the hang of it. I use one per day... I'm not sure yet about reusing it for more than a day.  How do you clean it? Just hot water?

Anyway,  i noticed constant discomfort from the back rim pushing against my back wall towards the rectum / cervix area.  I constantly feel it and it is making my muscle in that area sore, even after I take it out it stays sore for a while.  Its not painful but annoyingly uncomfortable.  .

Any idea why?  Is it possibly hitting my cervix? but nothing spills so my cervix has to be within the rim.  Is the instead just too big for me maybe?  Possibly a tilted uterus? Thanks in advance =)
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