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 Firstly, I love the Diva Cup, of course. I've had mine for about ten months now [I can't believe it's been that long!] and it's made life so much easier. SOOO much easier. I'm even seriously considering buying a Mooncup UK or a Lunette to see the difference. I've done aquasize [exercising in the water] and the cup is absolutely perfect - never leaks, stays in place, protects me, etc... But anyway.

I'm prone to upset stomaches when I've got my period. It's not all the time, but at least once every two-three periods, I get a rumbling tummy and am up for two or three hours a night. During these times, I find I can't wear the cup. It makes it worse, to be honest. I'm not looking for alternatives [I'm going to look into cloth pads during my next paycheck, and in the meantime, buy a small package of disposables for when it happens next time]. I more wanted to know if other people experience the same problem?
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